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We had plans to update our billing system to more stable and standard providers. But, due to time constraints and other business decisions, that remained an unfinished task. However, the opportunity presented itself back when we received information from our billing provider that they are going to discontinue their product and asked us to find other options.


Another good thing is that we have already done the feasibility analysis and evaluation of several billing systems and have already zeroed down on using Stripe as our billing provider.


While our internal updates do not impact you anymore, we have also taken this as an opportunity to streamline our offerings.

Highlights of the upcoming changes

Here are some of the changes expected

One plan covers all

At present, we have a separate offering for each indicator and several combination packs. We are going to get rid of all these offerings and there will be a single premium subscription pack that provides access to all our premium content.


We have evaluated possible issues for subscribers using specific indicators and not wanting to subscribe for everything. But, on the other hand - providing too many offerings is difficult to maintain and also confusing for users.


Keeping everything under one subscription also provides users with an opportunity to explore other concepts. Considering more than 95% of our work is free of charge, and we have also provided free alternatives to all our paid premium indicators, we consider the subscription-based indicators are only a small part that is required to support our work and keep going. Considering all these points, we think that a single subscription model is a good option for everyone.

Cost and Currency

Our current plans range from A$20 to $80. The major changes with respect to cost are

  • Moving from AUD to USD. Only Australian consumers will see the prices in AUD, whereas the rest of the world will see USD pricing. This is done to eliminate confusion regarding costs, as most people assume the prices to be in USD by default.
  • Prices are increasing as our costs are going up. We are also planning to bring in more premium indicators, which are being worked on for a very long time. We have not decided on the final price yet. It will be announced soon.
  • Lifetime Access will not be offered anymore.

What it Means for Existing Customers

Long-time monthly subscribers and Yearly Subscribers: While increasing our prices, we also think our loyal customers deserve to keep existing prices. We will approach long-time monthly subscribers and yearly subscribers of the Complete Collection package or Harmonic or Chart Pattern Suite and offer lifetime discounts so that they will keep the current prices.


Lifetime Subscribers: Lifetime subscribers are not impacted by the change. However, they can get higher discounts on Monthly subscriptions that also include new indicators such as Auto Harmonic Pattern Backtester and Auto Harmonic Pattern Screener. If you are a lifetime subscription holder and would like to be part of our new subscription model, please contact us - rest assured you will get the best possible pricing. This offer is only applicable to those who have purchased a lifetime subscription before 23rd Jul 2023.


Subscribers of a single indicator: Considering single indicator subscriptions will not be available anymore, it is probably a good idea for those who want one or two indicators to purchase a lifetime subscription for the individual indicator. This way, you are not impacted by the upcoming subscription and pricing changes. You can use the discount code LIFE20 to avail another 20% discount for lifetime access.


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