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Open Source

Welcome to Trendoscope, where we are proud to offer a vast collection of open-source resources and tools for the trading community. We believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which is why more than 90% of our work is open source.


Our commitment to openness and accessibility drives us to provide over 95% of our work free of charge. We understand that trading can be a complex and challenging endeavour, and we want to support traders of all backgrounds and experience levels by providing them with valuable resources without any cost barriers.


Discover our collection of informative tutorials designed to empower you with valuable knowledge. Dive into the world of technical analysis, explore the intricacies of harmonic patterns, chart patterns, and Elliott Waves, and unlock the secrets of Quantitative Analysis

Innovative Concepts

Embark on a journey of innovation with our cutting-edge concepts. Explore groundbreaking ideas and revolutionary approaches to technical analysis. From advanced technical indicators to unique strategies, our innovative concepts will inspire you to push the boundaries and unlock new possibilities.

Recursive Zigzag with RSI and MFI levels

Premium Harmonic Pattern and Chart Pattern Indicators

Precision Algorithms

Our premium indicators come equipped with automatic pattern scanning, taking the hassle out of manual identification. Discover harmonic patterns, chart patterns, and Elliott Waves effortlessly, allowing you to stay focused on learning and making informed trading decisions.

Comprehensive Stats

Get access to comprehensive and detailed statistics that provide valuable insights into market trends and patterns. Analyse historical data, track performance metrics, and uncover hidden opportunities to fine tune your trading strategies.

Visualise Patterns

Visualise patterns with exceptional clarity and precision. Our premium indicators offer visually detailed implementations, making it easier to identify key patterns and analyse their significance. Benefit from a clear and intuitive interface that enhances your technical analysis capabilities.

Fully Customisable Alerts

Stay informed about market movements and important events with fully customizable alerts. Set personalized notifications for specific patterns or trading conditions that meet your criteria. Never miss a potential opportunity with timely and tailored alerts delivered straight to your preferred device.

Detailed Input Settings

Take control of your trading strategies with detailed input settings. Customize and adjust various parameters to align the indicators with your unique trading style and preferences. Fine-tune your entries, exits, and risk management techniques for optimal performance in different market conditions.

Harmonic Pattern and Chart Pattern Indicators

How it works

To get started, follow these simple steps

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Tradingview Account

Create a free Tradingview Account if you do not have one already!! Most of our indicators are built on the Tradingview platform. You will not be able to use our work without a Tradingview account. Paid Tradingview subscriptions are not mandatory to use either free or premium indicators

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Trendoscope® Knowledge Base

Go through Trendoscope® Knowledge Base and Documentation to learn about various free and premium indicators, tutorials, concepts and learn how to use them on Tradingview and other platforms.

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Free Indicators

Access all the free indicators without needing any explicit permission. If you are into coding, you can even study the code written in PinesScript® and contribute towards the open source publications.

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Premium Indicators

If you wish to support our work, subscribe to our premium indicators. This will help us keep working on new concepts and improve the existing implementations. Premium indicators will also provide more enhanced features that can help you in exploring your journey of Technical Analysis.


About Us

At Trendoscope, we specialise in designing and developing pattern recognition algorithms for technical trading. Our proprietary indicators and algorithms provide traders and investors with the most accurate and reliable data possible, helping them learn the insights of technical analysis methods and make informed decisions.


Sudh, the founder and lead developer of Trendoscope holds Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and has been in the software industry since 2005. You may know him as HeWhoMustNotBeNamed or Voldemort on the TradingView platform and related communities.

Trendoscope has recently been awarded Pine Script™ Wizard by TradingView, an honour that recognises skill and contributions to the Tradingview community by various means.

We are also a very active innovator in the Pine Script™ space. We received 8 editors' pick awards in the year 2022 and one of his indicators is featured in the best Editor Picks of 2022

We are also active members of the PineCoders community, participating in many of their projects and initiatives. You can often find us hanging out in TradingView Discord or Pine QA channels, where we enjoy helping new coders learn Pinescript and sharing our expertise with others in the community.


We are always on the lookout for new methods and concepts and we are quite innovative in building our own methodologies of technical analysis. We explore core concepts such as Classical Technical Analysis using Leading and Lagging indicators, Trend Following, Zigzag and Pattern Recognition, Fundaments and Statistics, Data Science, and many more.

Pine Script™ is always evolving. We actively work with the Tradingview development team to make Pine Script™ better every day. You may see our algorithms being featured in many blog posts explaining newly introduced features of Pinescript. We also update our existing algorithms to adapt to new programming structures and features introduced in Pine Script™ to make them more efficient and accurate

The good part is most of our research is available to the public for free of cost. Users can not only use them for enhancing their technical analysis skills but can also reuse most of our libraries and open-source code to build their own customised indicators and algorithms.


Our premium indicators related to Harmonic Pattern and Chart Pattern Indicators are one of the best in the industry. They are programmed to spot patterns on any financial charts and timeframes which if done manually can take considerable effort and skills.

These advanced technical analysis tools are designed to be fully customisable via user inputs. This enables users to build their own strategy based on the pattern concepts.

Part of our algorithm also includes gathering historical occurrences of the patterns and recording the outcomes. This data is presented to users in tabular format in the form of risk-reward and win ratios at different target levels. This level of detail helps users to have realistic expectations of the outcome of pattern-based technical analysis.

We implement fully customisable alerts in all our indicators with specific placeholders. These can be used for automated trading with the help of custom bots or third-party tools.

Our Values


We are dedicated to developing new and advanced algorithms that meet the evolving needs of our customers


We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and respect for our customers, partners, and employees.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, both for ourselves and our customers.


To empower traders with the tools and resources they need to analyse market trends, identify patterns, and improve their technical and analytical skills. We strive to create innovative solutions that simplify difficult concepts and enhance learning.


To be the leading provider of cutting-edge pattern recognition algorithms and tools that help traders gain knowledge in technical analysis methods

You are in Good Company

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5 / 5

The founder of Trendoscope has been around a long time, is highly respected in the open-source Pine Script community on TradingView, and his work has been recognised by the TradingView community moderators. He is well-known and well-respected. He has a TradingView reputation score of over 10,000

Kurt Smock
5 / 5

I have been using Trendoscope indicators for long time, recently decided to go with subscribed ones, and really it was a game changer. Would recommend to everyone! Thank you for you work and dedication! Cheers!

5 / 5

I recently looked for a harmonic prediction tool and came across Trendoscope after searching through Tradingview. Extremely impressed; I love the tool. It's straightforward to use and supports trade decisions.


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