Trendoscope™| Moving Averages in Detail

Published by Sudh on
Moving averages are a fundamental technical indicator that smooths out price data to reveal trends, aiding traders in making informed decisions. There are different types of moving averages. Some of them are listed here.Simple Moving AverageA Simple Moving Average ... Read More

Trendoscope™| Understanding the Head and Shoulders Pattern

Published by Sudh on
Are you a trader looking to enhance your technical analysis skills? Understanding patterns is a crucial aspect of successful trading, and one pattern you should be familiar with is the head and shoulders pattern. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the head and shoulders... Read More

Trendoscope™| Technicals of Technical Indicators

Published by Sudh on
Let's delve into technical indicators. Essentially, they're mathematical computations based on historical price movements. Technical indicators exclusively depict past events and do not foretell future occurrences. So, why do traders employ them? Traders commonly utilize technical indicat... Read More

Trendoscope™ | Billing System Updates

Published by Sudh on
BackgroundWe had plans to update our billing system to more stable and standard providers. But, due to time constraints and other business decisions, that remained an unfinished task. However, the opportunity presented itself back when we received information from our bil... Read More

Trendoscope™ | Win Ratio and Risk Reward

Published by Sudh on
Relation between Win Ratio and Risk RewardHave you ever seen videos boasting a 99% win rate? Or have you seen the social media posts saying huge risk-reward? And did you wonder how they make it while you lose every trade attempted?The simple answer to this i... Read More
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